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What is Peer Recovery?


Whether you’re struggling with sobriety, or sober and want to connect with others who share similar experiences, the Peer Recovery program is an open door waiting for you.

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A community-based case management program for Native Americans who have entered an addiction treatment program, been screened for treatment, or have been placed on a waiting list for treatment, Peer Recovery is designed to be an integrated component of your comprehensive addiction treatment program.


The primary purpose of Peer Recovery is to help you gain access to needed resources, services, or supports to help you achieve recovery from your substance use disorder.

Peer Recovery Coaches are available to help you create and develop recovery pathways, while providing you with emotional, informational, instrumental, and community-based support.

Are you ready to take the first step? Call (269) 783-2476 or reach out to us here. We are ready to help.

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